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The neighborhood just got a whole lot cleaner. Contact ProShine Windows today for all your window cleaning services!
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Cleaning Services

Professional Shine Inc specializes in high-quality cleaning and customer service. Furthermore, we strive to be best at the services we provide from window washing, powerwashing and gutter cleaning for the Eugene/Springfield greater area.

Residential Window Cleaning

Not only will your window glass be clean, but our window cleaning service also includes washing the frames, tracks, sill, and screens. As a result, your windows will shine. Ask us about our cleaning service packages.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We’re able to provide regularly scheduled cleaning services to maximize your customer’s impressions. Windows are the second thing customers see after your store sign. Let us help you make a perfect first impression.

Gutter Cleaning

Living in the Pacific Northwest we’re no strangers to rain and debris that collects on your roof and gutters. Let us help you keep your gutters clean. As a result, you are protecting your home against water damage.

Power washing

Just like rain in the PNW, moss, algae, and grime will grow on everything. We have the tools to remove them to help maintain the integrity of sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Pressure washing will resolve these unsightly hazards from our everyday lives.

Free Estimates

Professional Shine Inc provides free estimates for any service your interested in. Get in touch with us today! Contact Us here.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Just one less thing to worry about. We keep it as professional as it gets! We have all the right tools and training to complete jobs safely and efficiently.
Local Business

Professional Shine Inc. Family

Professional Shine Inc is a small company that has been serving the greater Eugene, OR area for more than a decade. We specialize in high-quality window cleaning for both residential and commercial. We strive to make sure that every customer has a great experience using our services.
Frequently asked questions


If you’ve never had your windows cleaned, let us put your mind at ease. We’re here to make the processes as seamless as possible.
What areas do you service?
We serve almost all of Lane County. Everything within a 35-mile radius of Eugene/Springfield. As far north as Corvallis and down to the Cottage Grove area. If you’re unsure, please contact us!
Do I need to be home for window cleaning?
No. But this is your preference. Many of our customers let our trusted employees into their homes as they go off to work and ask our technicians to lock the door on the way out. Most of our technicians have between 3-10 years of experience.
How often should my windows be cleaned?
There are tons of factors that play in here. Rule of thumb if you own a business at least twice a month but this is also weather dependent. If you own a home you can probably get away with twice a year. Because every situation is different, you may need to get them cleaned more or less. Therefore it’s up to the consumer.
We accept all major credit cards, check and cash.

Still have questions?

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us today! We will gladly assist in answering any questions.

Did you know?

Professional Shine Inc provides free estimates for residential and commercial window washing, gutter cleaning and pressure washing! For that reason why not contact us today?
Environmentally Friendly

Strivng To Be Green

Although we are not a certified green company we do have several different ways that we are looking out for the environment.  When we use chemicals we make sure that they are not harsh on our hands/your windows/your home/or the environment.  Or window cleaning solution is a commercial grade super concentrate that allows us to mix up one five gallon bucket of water using two tablespoons of soap and allows us to clean all day long giving our customers amazing results.  We also have the ability to use purified water systems to clean your exterior windows.  Though this system is truly green, it can use an ample amount of water.  If you schedule and are interested in this service we can discuss the most efficient & environmentally friendly way of cleaning your home at that time. Either way if you have a preference we are willing to listen and make an informed decision on what would be the safest and highest quality way of cleaning your windows without having ill effects to our environment.

What People Are Saying

Customer Review

Window Cleaning

“Washed windows (inside and out including storm windows inside and out), cleaned screens, skylights and translucent eaves. We have an abundant supply of windows in our house, and Professional Shine leaves them looking spectacular!”

Customer Review

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washed Home Exterior

“Arrived promptly at scheduled time. Completed all work very efficiently. He did a beautiful job! Well done! ”

Customer Review

Window Cleaning

“This was the third time I have hired this company, always with outstanding results. They are professional and timely in communication, punctual, pleasant to have on the premises and do and guarantee excellent results.”


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